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A month has passed, and I am back with another amazing selection of products available from Beautopia Hair & Beauty , and if you’ve not yet shopped them, then you really must check out their website, as they stock so many cool brands within hair, skincare and makeup, and all at very affordable prices. 
This month I’ve been putting the following to the test; 
  • Santorini Professional Hair Brush* 
  • Pixi Beauty Retinol Tonic* 
  • Jeval Infusions Argan Oil & Hemp Seed Skin Butter* 
  • Eco by Sonya Driver Eye Compost* 
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Let’s start with the Santorini Professional Hair Brush. This hair brush comes in a gorgeous French blue shade, although it is also available in other colours such as yellow and purple. The plastic hairbrush has a soft ‘cushion’ that makes it easy to brush out my long thick hair, whether it is wet or dry. Easily handling tangles and knots, without too much pulling. A great brush, that’s very affordable too! 

Next is the Jeval Infusions Argan Oil & Hemp Seed Skin Butter. I’ve never actually heard of Jeval Infusions before, but I loved learning that their gentle products are based on twelve nourishing botanical based ingredients, including Moroccan Argan Oil and Hemp Seed Oil – both rich in omega 6, antioxidants and vitamin E. I also love that their products are free from sulphates and parabens and not tested on animals. 

The Skin Butter is thick, rich and buttery thanks to the added shea butter, it absorbs into the skin quickly, and leaves it incredibly smooth and silky soft, and without greasiness. I’ve also been using some on my dry feet and hands, and loving the result. It has a very gentle natural scent that you can only love. The tub is not the biggest, but know that it is very concentrated, so you only need to use the smallest amount, to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. 

Then there’s the Eco by Sonya Driver Eye Compost, which I am particularly excited about, especially after trying their Eco by Sonya Driver Coconut Mint Body Wash (which you can read about here

The Eye compost is an eye cream with Vitamin C designed help brighten, plump and reduce the appearance of dark circles & fine lines. It contains among others Kakadu Plum to improve skin luminosity and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, along with pure Hyaluronic to boost the moisture for a smoother, younger looking skin. It also has added Spirulina to help brighten the brightening the appearance of dark circles. It is the vibrant blue pigment derived from the spirulina, which is a blue-green alga, that gives the eye cream the striking blue colour. 

The eye cream is quite light, and absorbs quickly without stickiness. It is however still very hydrating thanks to the hyaluronic acid, and within a just a few uses, I can tell that my skin around the eyes is looking more plumb and brighter too. 

I also really love that it comes with a cute little jade rolling wand, this is the first time I’ve ever seen that come with an eye cream, but it is such a brilliant inclusion, as massaging the eye creaming with this jade stone can help help increase the circulation and blood circulation and naturally boost collagen around the eyes, while the coolness of the stone can help reduce any puffiness too. 

I have only been using the eye compost for a short time but I am really enjoying it can clearly see my eye area looking smoother and softer and generally more relaxed too. I also love that this Aussie made range is made using only natural certified organic ingredients that are of course cruelty free too. I’m definitely consider repurchasing this cream and try out more skincare from Sonya Drivers range. 

Finally, there’s the Pixi Beauty Retinol Tonic, which I have been very keen on trying out for some time, ever since falling in love with the Pixi Glow Tonic (Which you can read more about here!). I am absolutely hooked on using retinol as a part of my night skincare routine, as it is such a magical ingredient helping both with the signs of ageing, as well as it helps keep my breakouts under control. 

This retinol is using a time release Retinol to help reduce fine lines and smooth the skin, while that also replenishes skin with potent antioxidants, and peptides help firm the skin and boost collagen production. Finally, the added Jasmine Flower helps heals and balance the skin. 

I’ve been using the Glow Tonic in the mornings, and replaced the night time use with the Retinol Tonic. I unsure of the actual strength of the retinol, but would believe that its in the more gentle end, so its not too harsh on the skin, as strong retinol can be quite irritating and drying. My skin is used to strong retinol, but I have still been enjoying using it. I like that it has the slow-release formula that releases throughout the night, and along with the jasmine, it prevents any irritations. 

I’ve found that the combination with the Glow Tonic in the mornings and the Retinol Tonic at night, works like magic. I feel that I can see that my skin tone is more even with some pigmentation reduced in appearance, and my skin also looking smoother and plumper too. 
Another thing that I have noticed, is that it has also helped both clear up some stubborn breakouts and also minimise some red marks from recent breakouts. And again, all without irritating my skin or drying it out. I have only got a small bottle of this, but I am already addicted and definitely need to get my fingers on a full sized bottle. Another winner from Pixi! 

Jeval Infusions Argan Oil & Hemp Seed Skin Butter - RRP: $19.95 / 235ml 
Eco by Sonya Driver Eye Compost - RRP: $49.94 / 20ml 
Santorini Professional Hair Brush - RRP: $15.95 - currently on special for $7.50 
Pixi Beauty Retinol Tonic - RRP: $24.95 / 100ml

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