BECCA The One Perfecting Brush

BECCA The One Perfecting Brush

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Becca's The One Perfecting Brush makes makeup application as easy as A-B-C! A true beauty multi-tasker, this all-in-one brush takes the guesswork out of your beauty routine. 

The One Perfecting Brush cuts makeup application in half by incorporating a whopping TEN different tools in one perfect brush. This means no need for a foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, bronzer brush, stipple, blush brush, fan brush, and concealer brushes, kabuki, and sponge.

From start to finish; primer to powder, Becca's The One Perfecting Brush is ideal for use with liquid makeup, creams, powders and anything in between. 

Non-porous, high-quality goat hair allows product to sit on top of bristles rather than absorbing, ensuring a seamless application with no wasted product. 

A new Holy Grail in brush beauty!

Why it works: 
The brush's bristles are aligned in a 3.5 inch horizontal design, which allows you to effortlessly and evenly cover both large and small surface areas. 

The density of the brush creates a smooth, even and airbrushed application every time. Flat edges fit the linear contours of your face while curved corners allow for targeted, more precise application. The long, flexible bristles make a variety of application techniques possible - like targeted application, stippling, blending, contouring and highlighting.

The bristles are free of dye, ensuring they will not lose shape or softness over time. In addition, the unique shape of the handle and soft-touch finish provide complete control during application allowing you to create your desired look.

Foundation: Using the broad side of the brush, sweep foundation horizontally across forehead and then move to cheeks & chin. Finish by sweeping vertically down the nose using the narrow surface of the brush.

Highlighter: Using the narrow surface of the brush, sweep illuminator down the tops of cheek bones and down the bridge of nose.

Contour/Mineral Bronzing Powder: Using the narrow surface of the brush, sweep brush under cheek bones, down sides of nose, and around temples.

Blush/Tint: Using the corner of the brush, buff into apples of cheeks using a circular motion & blend out.