We all hate having a bad hair day, and if you’re struggling with oily hair, it’s one of the most frustrating hair concerns to deal with. No matter how much you cleanse your hair, you wake up the next morning with greasy strands clumped together. So what do you do? Pull your hair back into a bun hoping no one will notice? Dry shampoo your hair like there’s no tomorrow? These temporary solutions will only get you so far and won’t fix the root of the problem. Scalp care is just as important as tending to your locks. The healthier your scalp, the healthier your strands will be.

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What causes oily hair?

We all have Sebaceous glands on our skin that produces a lubricating oil called sebum. These glands are found all over our body and naturally produces sebum to keep our skin healthy and hydrated. However, it can sometimes be triggered to overproduce oil, resulting in our skin feeling oily. Various factors can cause this, such as hormonal imbalance, excessive hair washing and the type of products you use. It is important to understand the reason why your body is over-producing sebum. Below are tips you can follow on how to prevent oily hair:

1.Reduce the time spent on washing hair

Yes, you heard right. If you have greasy hair and scalp you may be washing your hair too frequently. It’s natural to think shampooing oily hair will fix the problem, but this is actually adding to the problem. Excessive washing results in stripping your hair of its natural sebum. Your body immediately responds by producing more oil to replace the oil that was lost. It’s a never-ending cycle, which leaves you with oily hair.

If you’re stuck in this cycle, it will take time to get used to your new routine. At the start you will see oily hair immediately, don’t expect to see results overnight. It is recommended to reduce shampooing to 2 or 3 washes per week. Take time in reducing your washing, each time try and push it out for another day. Eventually your body will adapt and reduce the amount of sebum it produces.

It is important to also choose the right shampoo for your concern. You may have been using shampoos with little to no moisturising ingredients, but you should be reaching for a shampoo that offers moisture balance for your scalp. You want to make sure your shampoo won’t strip all the oils off your scalp otherwise your glands will over-produce sebum.

Our Favourite Moisture Balance Shampoos

2.Save conditioner for your ends only

If you’re using a moisture balance shampoo avoid using conditioner on your scalp, there’s no need to add the extra moisture. Avoid using products that are labelled ‘Shine Enhancing’ or ‘Anti-frizz’ as these are packed with oils that may end up weighing your hair down, causing it to look greasier. Go for a volumising conditioner, which will keep your hair lifted.

Our Favourite Volumising Conditioners

3.Choose the right brush

Many believe brushing oily hair will just make it worse. However, the right brush will remove and distribute your oils evenly so your roots won’t look greasy. A great option is Boar Bristle Brushes. The natural bristles are gentle on both hair and scalp and will help pick up the natural oils from your roots and move them down your strands.

Our Favourite Boar Bristle Brushes

4.Try a clarifying shampoo once a week

Implementing a clarifying shampoo into your haircare regime once a week in place of your regular shampoo will help reduce further build-up, especially if you’re using dry shampoo to get through the week. Apply a small amount to damp hair and gently massage the product in small circular motions with your fingers (never use your fingernails as you can damage your scalp).

Our Favourite Clarifying Shampoos

5.Reduce how much you use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an oily girl’s best friend, but there is a thing as using too much. Excessive use of dry shampoo leads to product build up on the scalp, which can cause dry scalp, leading to your scalp over-producing sebum. If you feel like you can’t stand another day of oil hair, add another wash into your schedule. This will help reduce product build-up. Life is all about balance.

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