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Damaged Hair Care Guide: Create the Best Care Routine For Your Needs

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Have you started to notice your hair’s starting to look a little dull & lifeless? You’re struggling to combat brittle or frizzy texture? No matter how often you brush and detangle your locks they tangle up immediately? These are signs of damaged hair. There’s nothing worse than realising this is now something you will be battling with every day. We’ve put together some tips to help you change your unruly hair, to be healthy looking and happier hair!

First we need to identify what damage we are dealing with:

  • Dull & Lifeless
  • Brittle or Frizzy Texture
  • Lack of Moisture
  • Your Hair Easily Tangles
  • You Have Split Ends
  • Abnormal amount of hair loss when brushing

Follow our repair guide to help remedy breakage, restore hydration and bring back glossy shine in just a few steps.

1. Choose a Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask for Damaged Hair

Invest in a haircare system right for your hair concern. It is important to choose a haircare system that include a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that is formulated for your specific hair type. Haircare is just like skincare, if you have overly dry strands, opt for a system that enhances moisture and hydration in your hair and never use haircare products that aren’t made for your hair type.

2. Cool it Down!

    As amazing as a steaming hot shower is during cold winter days, this is doing more damage than good. Hot water will strip your hair of its natural oils and cause it to become drier than before. So, take it down a notch and try a lukewarm shower instead.


    3. Mend Broken Bonds

      If you’re feeling your locks are needing a little extra help, it’s time to try a bonding treatment. We’re lucky to have various bonding treatments available on the market aside from Olaplex. Bonding treatments will help repair damaged bonds within your hair, resulting in healthy, strong and smooth hair. Use these treatments once a week in addition to your normal haircare routine.

      4. Try a Leave-In Treatment or Mask

        Damaged hair is fragile hair, so it deserves a little extra TLC to keep hair smooth and tamed. You don't want to overload your hair with various creams and serums. Look out for a multi-purpose leave-in treatment or mask to help repair, strengthen, hydrate, smooth split ends and add shine to dull hair.


        5. Handle your hair with care

          Hair is more fragile and vulnerable when wet, so it’s important not to tug and pull at your strands. However, if you're itching to brush and detangle your hair while it's wet, opt for a gentle brush or comb designed for wet strands. 

          6. Embrace a Thermal Spray

            Safeguard your strands from further damage and breakage with a nourishing heat protector. If you’re the type that can’t stay away from heat tool, a heat protectant is essential to keeping your hair healthy. They work as a primer and protective barrier to your hair before applying high heats.

            7. Texture Is In

            Avoid adding more damage to your hair by heat styling and embrace your hair’s natural texture. Wavy, curly hair is trending, so work with what you’ve got and show-off that texture. Try out a hair mousse or a curl cream to enhance your natural curl pattern.

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