This Is The Only Hair Straightener I'll Use

If there is one thing I know for sure about myself it’s that I am a firm lover of smooth, sleek, ultra-straight hair. Sure, I will occasionally venture out and ask my hair stylist for cute layers or face-framing bangs, but straight my hair will always stay. You might be thinking, how horribly boring or straight hair is soooo 2000’s, BUT to me, it will always look polished and super chic – plus, between you and I, curls just don’t love me – trust me I have tried.

And if there is one more thing I know for sure, it’s which hair straighteners are really worth their buck and will do what they say they will. In a past life, I was strictly a ghd girl, but now, I think I have finally found my one true (hair straightener) love. Enter the Muk Style Stick 230IR Wide Plate.

Muk Style Stick 230IR Wide Plate

The Muk Style Stick 230-IR Wide Plate makes styling and straightening hair faster.


Now, I have to preface this by saying it was not love at first use. In comparison to my wide plate ghd, I thought this straightener was a bit, dare I say it, cheap looking and feeling. I missed my ghd with a passion and just couldn’t grow to love it, so I stopped using it. But after a few months, I decided to give it another go and I am so glad I did. Over time and consistent use, I could begin to see the very obvious differences between them.

One of the things I love about it is the adjustable temperature settings, something you can’t adjust with the ghd. Some days I blast it up to the full 230 degrees when my hair is super kinky, frizzy and unmanageable or leave it at about 180 degrees if my hair just needs a quick touch up. It heats up at lightning speed no matter which setting I choose, so I can begin styling my hair in just a few minutes after turning it on.

As I naturally have thick, wavy hair the wide plates make straightening an absolute breeze. In just a few passes through my strands, my hair is sleek, smooth but not horribly flat. This is great for days when I really don’t have the time to be standing at my mirror straightening my hair for what can feel like forever. Most days, I can have my freshly washed wavy hair straight and silky in 10 minutes or under. The best bit – the results are even and seamless all around. With other straighteners, I find that I have to pass it through my hair multiple times to achieve a smooth finish, and then go back once more when I finally realise bits and pieces had been missed.

Two things that really seal the deal for me and further reaffirms my love for the Muk Style Stick is that it somehow leaves my hair feeling nourished and moisturised AND stays that way until I wash my hair. With other straighteners, I either feel like I have either fried my hair within an inch of its life OR it is back to being frizzy and unmanageable by mid-morning. If I have spent time straightening my hair, the worst thing is having your efforts go to waste, or worse, be repeated again the next day – no thank you! With this, you can rest-assured that your precious time, effort and arm gains won’t go to waste. 

The overall verdict – this will be the only hair straightener I use here on out.



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