How To Achieve Instagram-Worthy Coloured Hair (with Cruelty-Free Dye)

Calling all serial Instagram scrollers…

Don’t deny it, we all do it!

We know you've stalked more people than you'd dare to mention on Instagram in search of the latest hair trend. Constantly double tapping, but never quite brave enough to take the plunge yourself.

Or maybe you’re a stylist who want to branch out into more colourful dye jobs - we know you’re clients will be excited!

Time to get confident and do whatever the heck you want with your hair! Coloured hair is a way to showcase your personality and make a statement. Nothing shouts “I’m sassy and I know it!” like a head of flowing pastel locks!

Fortunately, Arctic Fox is here to hold your hand and guide you into the world of Instagram worthy hair!

What are Arctic Fox Dyes?

Formulated to be completely vegan, Arctic Fox are leading the way for cruelty-free, semi-permanent coloured hair dyes. Not to mention they’re super affordable at only $18.95 per bottle! Meaning they aren’t going to break the bank - we can definitely get on board with that.

With colours across the spectrum, Arctic Fox dyes are perfect for unleashing your wildest imagination - we’re coming for your mermaid hair. Plus, they’re super easy to use, so no more excuses!

That’s not all…

If you often worry about the chemicals involved with colouring your hair, Arctic Fox have got you girl! All their dyes are formulated WITHOUT ammonia, PPD, peroxide or ethyl alcohol. So you can be sure your hair won’t be completely dry and lifeless after using. In fact, Arctic Fox dyes are actually conditioning, so your hair will look AND feel fab after use.

Not only are these a popular choice for home dye diy-ers, but they’re also a favourite among salon professionals. No doubt thanks to the awesome results and the long-lasting effects - yep even from a semi-permanent dye!


colourful hair

How to Use Arctic Fox Dyes

Arctic Fox has taken the stress out of hair dying. No mixing required (unless diluting beforehand), the colour is hair ready straight from the bottle - now that is what we like to hear.

You may have to lighten your hair, or at least sections of it, before applying Arctic Fox dyes. The general rule is, the lighter your hair, the more vivid the colour will come out, the darker your hair, the more subtle the colour will come out.

Get Creative (or Re-Creative…)

If you want a hair change, but you don’t know what colours would suit you, Instagram is your friend. Or maybe you’re a hair stylist and you need some fresh colour inspo for those more ‘out-there’ clients of yours.

However great it is to spend hours scrolling away, we’ve decided to make the decision less overwhelming for you and we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite looks for you to recreate!

Trust us, it was hard to pick, but we’ve gone with a range of looks and difficulty levels, so you’re bound to find a new ‘do that suits you - or your client!

Grunge Gal

Whether you’re just not about those rainbow colours, or you’re testing the coloured dye waters, this is an awesome grunge-y look. Psst…it’s also super easy, so this is one for all you lazy people out there! All you need is the Arctic Fox ‘Transylvania’ dye and their ‘Arctic Mist Diluter’.

Transylvania is a super jet black, but add in some of the diluter to reach the perfect grey. Then slap the colour over the ends and roughly up towards the root - but don’t go all the way to the scalp. Don’t worry about it looking perfect as that’s most definitely part of the look.

This works best on those with very dark brown or black hair, so if that’s not you, just dye the roots first.


Highlight Them Curls Gurlllll…

If you are blessed with a full head of angelic curls, then you need to show the world what you’ve got. Highlights of pink and purple are sure-fire way to make a statement.

Take Arctic Fox’s ‘Virgin Pink’ and ‘Purple Rain’ and run slight brush strokes of the colours along random bits of hair until you’ve reached your desired coverage.

Or start with pink near your roots and ombre into purple at your ends, because why not!?


purple rainCheck out Jasmin on Instagram

Feeling Bright?

Why not try arguably the brightest you can get...yellow!?

To achieve this luminous, super happy yellow colour mix Arctic Fox’s ‘Neon Moon’ and ‘Cosmic Sunshine’ together until you reach your desired shade.

Then apply all over your hair - starting with the roots and working down. Now you might need someone to help you, because missing a patch of hair with a colour like this will not look forgiving. However, the work will definitely be worth the end result!



Modern Day Barbie

Silver hair was BIG in 2017, so why not up the trend with some pink tips?

You’re going to need both Arctic Fox’s ‘Sterling’ and ‘Virgin Pink’ colours for this one.

Dilute the first colour, with the Arctic Mist Diluter, until you have a platinum silver. Then apply from your roots until… well wherever you want it to end.

Afterwards, take Virgin Pink and dilute until you have a candy floss colour and apply from the end of the silver to the tips.



pink hairCheck out Annie on Instagram

Make a Short Hair Statement

Got short hair and you just don’t care! Except now you’re wondering if you’ve got enough to pull off a statement colour?

Fear not!

In fact, pull off TWO statement colours, they’re no rules here! We’re loving the half and half look, using Arctic Fox’s ‘Virgin Pink’ and ‘Poseidon’ colours.

Just section your hair into two and apply the pink colour one side and the blue on the other - making sure to start from the roots.




What Are You Waiting For?

Literally, you don’t need to… at Beautopia, we stock Arctic Fox so you don’t have to wait for weeks, or worry about customs, to get your hands on these gorgeous colours.

These cruelty-free, vegan dyes are BOMB and that’s without the harsh chemicals - ammonia, PPD, peroxide or ethyl alcohol,

Arctic Fox is also a great range to stock at a salon. Expand your hairdressing horizons by venturing into a rainbow of colours and looks…you’ll certainly be the talk of the town, but definitely for all the right reasons!

If you’re looking to recreate any of these looks, then get shopping here for your favourite colours!

We’d love to see the finished product, so don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram shots (@beautopia_australia)!

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