5 Effortless Ways to Look Stunning for Your Friday Night Out

Going out is the perfect way to end a long, hard work week. Or if you’re a bit adventurous it may even be a mid-week treat. However, as the saying goes (kinda) with a great night out comes great responsibility - getting ready.

Whilst some have perfected their beauty regimes down to the tee, some of us are not so organised. If that’s you, you can probably relate to the following:

  • Losing the sight of your bedroom under a mountain of clothes, but exclaiming ‘I have nothing to wear!’
  • Shouting and swearing at your straighteners that have burnt you at least 10 times now.
  • Declaring ‘I’m not going out!’ after an unsuccessful hunt for your favourite pair of shoes.

Girlllll, it’s gonna be okay! Getting ready doesn’t have to be a stressful situation anymore.

We’ve got 5 super simple, super easy and super effortless tips for you to look ultra-glam on your next night out.

Get a Full Body Glow-Over

Fake tanning at home is a lot of effort, we get it! However, a spray tan is a piece of cake - just step into the booth and let someone else do the hard work! You don’t even have to worry about having a dodgy looking, patchy tan!

I know what you’re thinking... you need to be organised when it comes to booking spray tans. You usually have to wait 8 hours after being sprayed before washing them off, and that means getting your life in order.

Well times have changed...

At Beautopia we stock the MineTan spray tan range which can be washed off after just 1 hour! So if you’re in a time crunch, you no longer have to skip the glow.

Not only that, but they cater for all skin tones, desired results and skin types! From bronzed Brazilian beach babe to sun-kissed European goddess, MineTan delivers! You won’t even leave the salon smelling funky as their formulas are unscented - finally!

We’re sure any beauticians out there are already sold on this range, however, if you’re not in the salon industry, get your local beauty parlour to stock MineTan so your spray tan will always look flawless.

Minetan SprayTan Girl

2. Lash Out

Lashes can be difficult to navigate. However, a good pair, and the right application, can really create a stand-out look.

If you want to make your eyes pop, then false lashes are the solution. You won’t even need to worry about your mascara running!

The Ardell falsies are our absolute faves, and lucky for you we stock them here at Beautopia!

They are also a staple for makeup artists and beauty gurus alike, thanks to the fact that they’re super comfortable to wear, and not to mention, easy to apply.

If that wasn’t enough, Ardell lashes are some of the most affordable on the market, without compromising on quality.

The Demi-Wispies have become something of a cult favourite amongst lash lovers. They offer a natural looking finish, whilst providing that length and volume you desire. A perfect, all round, eye-batting lash.

3. Bullet Proof Your Hair and Makeup

If you’re a dancefloor warrior, or maybe you often find yourself in busy bars and clubs, you have probably fallen victim to the smudged makeup and flat hair look. Don’t worry, we know you didn’t leave the house looking like that!

When we spend so much time perfecting our image before a night out, the LAST thing we want is to see pictures of us looking dishevelled on social media the next day - cringe!

The key to keeping your hair and makeup looking fresh all night long is a few, super simple and quick preparatory steps…

When it comes to makeup you want to get your face ready with a primer. A decent primer will stop your makeup from sliding around and can even make your skin look smoother and more youthful - yes please!

Once you’ve finished applying your makeup you’ll want a few spritzes of setting spray. This will lock in all that hard work meaning your make-up ain’t budging!

For hair, a decent hairspray is the way to go. A firm or super-firm hold is the go-to for a full-on night out. Spray away and set that style in place - even if you’re going for the straight look. No flyaways here thank you very much!

perfect hair

4. Tame Those Brows

Your face is a picture and your brows are its frame, so it’s time to give them some polishing.

Maybe you prefer to go to the salon for your eyebrow TLC, or you might even be a tweeze-it yourself girl. Either way, a good shaping of the eyebrows can really pull a look together.

It’s also a super quick confidence boost and makes filling in your brows wayyy quicker - thank us later…

If you’re all about brow grooming then you can take it a step further by investing in a brow gel. These, often clear gels, allow you to brush those pesky, unruly hairs into perfect position before setting them solid. They ain’t going nowhere!


5. Shine to the Gods

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, you will have heard of the latest and greatest makeup product of the moment - highlighter!

Everyone and their nan seems to own this glow inducing item and there’s a good reason for that.

A quick sweep of one of these super shiny powders over the high points of your face will take your look to the next level. It adds the illusion structure and cheekbones, and when the light catches it you will look blinding!

Why stop there…

Add some to your collarbones and shoulders to accentuate your newly bronzed, spray-tanned body. Trust us, you will ooze radiance!

night out

See?! Getting prepped for a night out isn’t that bad after all. Just following a few simple, but solid, tried and tested steps will ensure you are night out ready and raring to go.

Not only that, but your new found beauty regime will make you feel so sassy you might even be brave enough to pull off some new moves on the dance floor...

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