Hairdressing Scissors (Why Buying Professional Tools Matters)

Maybe you’re fresh out of hairdressing college armed with knowledge and a desire to style the world.

 Perhaps you’ve been in the industry for a while and you’re looking to mix it up with some new tools.

 So you start with the most obvious (and most definitely required) piece of equipment… SCISSORS!

 You’re super excited at the prospect at some fresh new blades to snip away and create some of the best masterpieces of your life, but wait…

 This is headache inducing. Too. Many. Scissors!

 Some cost pennies, others will need you to remortgage your house. Where to start?

 Calm down, we’re here for you! We know how important it is for a hairdresser to have a decent pair of scissors if you want to be the next Vidal Sassoon. However, we don’t want to go crippling your bank account.

 It’s important to note that not all scissors are created equally. Whilst $1 scissors probably are going to be cheap and nasty, it doesn’t mean that the priciest pair are the best.

multiple scissors


How Poorly Made Scissors Can Cost More Than Your Next Paycheck…

It’s important to research into the brand you’re buying. No one wants to be caught out mid-cut on a fussy client. However, buy bad quality and expect the following:


Scissors That Won’t Last

You might think you’re saving yourself some serious pennies, but in fact it’ll work out more expensive in the long run. Scissors that aren’t made with care and precision will most likely not last long. The blades might wear out quickly, or to be honest, the whole tools might fall apart - yikes!

Dodgy Looking Cuts

Instead of your clients leaving with envious locks that look super healthy and perfectly preened, poor quality scissors will have the opposite effect. Cheap blades can often be blunt, meaning they don’t ‘glide’ through the hair effortlessly. Say hello to damaged and split ends - *cringe*!

split ends

Aching Hands

Cheaply manufactured scissors aren’t concerned with your happiness. They can dig in your hands in ways you didn’t even know about, turning your day job into your worst nightmare. Professionally made scissors keep your comfort in mind and don’t make hairdressing a chore.

Why professionally made scissors will change your life…

Okay, maybe a slight over exaggeration, but they will take your hairdressing skills to another level and who doesn’t want to improve?


Here’s why you need to make a quality scissor purchase:

1. They Stand the Test of Time

Buy well and look after them as per the instructions, and you’ve got yourself a BFF for a good few years. Just make sure to get them sharpened every 6-12 months and keep them well oiled and clean.

2. They Won’t Embarrass You

Is there anything more mortifying as a hairdresser than having to present a client with what is probably the worst cut you’ve done since you snipped at your barbies hair?!

Whilst scissors can’t be held accountable for your skills, they can help you out with keeping cuts looking fresh and clean. No scraggly ends to see here thank you very much!

3. They Make Cutting a Breeze

Well made cutting tools are designed with your hands in mind - no more worries about carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, the best scissors will feel almost non-existent, making light work of snipping and chopping.

cutting wet hair

Enter, Jaguar Scissors…

If you’re feeling more educated, but a teeny bit overwhelmed after reading this it’s going to be okay. We’ve already done our research and found a brand that hairdressers can trust.

Jaguar scissors have been made with professionals in mind, whilst considering all budgets. Even famous hair stylist Nicky Clarke is a firm believer in this brand that won’t break the bank.

This original German steel company branched out into scissor production in the late 60’s and haven’t looked back since. Germans are known for their efficiency and it is more than evident when it comes to Jaguar scissors.

Why Jaguar are Top Quality…

When manufacturing Jaguar scissors, the strictest standards are followed to produce a top quality product every time - meaning you won’t be left out in the lurch.

Whether it’s just a quick trim or a knee-length barnet to a bob, Jaguar scissors are the one - designed to handle even the most challenging of cuts.

  • Cutting Life

Buy badly and don’t expect much to get much time with your tools. Jaguar’s manufacturing and checking process is insanely thorough.

From state-of-the art machinery through to super qualified quality checkers. Jaguar doesn't let anything less than perfect leave their factory.

The high quality steel used ensures a long-lasting sharpness, especially when taken care of correctly. To achieve these durable blades, Jaguar uses an innovative ice treatment to stop the shears from dulling.

  • Cutting Action

Jaguar’s blades are super precise, with precision up to one hundredth of a millimeter. How do they do that you ask…

Well Jaguar don’t skimp when it comes to utilising the very best in scissor manufacturing technology. A special grinding system, as well as a computer assisted bending process, create unbelievable accuracy.

  • Sharpness

Jaguar pride themselves on their scissor’s precision and therefore the whole range features perfectly sharpened blades. The hollow grinding and honing that’s carried out to achieve this sleek design means each pair is ideal for slice cutting.

Here are a few of our picks:

Kamiyu scissors

Japanese craftsmanship is coveted in the hairdressing world, hence why Jaguar has combined their production expertise with this traditional style.

silver glitter scissors

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? If you MUST have funky looking scissors then these are for you. This glitzy design doesn’t compromise on quality - with relaxed, precise cutting being this scissor’s style.

left hand scissors

Lefties don’t need to feel left out either! We stock a range of Jaguar left-handed scissors, including thinning scissors. These JP10 are designed with your comfort in mind.

However, that’s not all…

At Beautopia you can see that we stock a wide range of Jaguar hairdressing scissors as we’re big believers in them, so we’re confident you can find a pair that fit you and your budget!

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