5 Unique Ways to Style Your Hair with GHD Straighteners

Popularised by TV shows and celebrities (yep we’re talking about you Jennifer Aniston) straightened hair has been a rising trend since the 90’s.

However, you might be surprised to know that the first hair straightener actually came about in 1872.

Yep, the desire for poker straight hair dates well before our time.

Flat irons have come a long way since then. We’ve seen ceramic plates, tourmaline technology and even wet to dry straighteners over the last 20 or so years.

One thing that has stayed consistent is the brand dominating the hair straightening world - GHD.

GHD, which stands for ‘Good Hair Day’, was founded in 2001 in a northern british city, Leeds. Since then, they’ve been the brand of choice when it comes to good quality flat irons. In fact many of us would struggle to think of another hair straightening manufacturer over GHD - that’s an impressive reputation!

Trends are constantly evolving and whilst straighteners are going nowhere fast, the way we use them is developing. Poker straight hair is not as desirable as it was in the early 00’s and savvy stylers have become a lot more inventive with this ultimate heat styling tool…

Straightener Hacks

Popularised for its ability to tame frizz, rid kinks and give hair a sleek, styled appearance, the hair straightener is more versatile than you might initially think. In fact, it’s arguably the only heat styling tool you'll ever need.

Here are 5 completely different hairstyles that you can achieve with the not-so-humble hair straightener…

  1. New Age Crimps


    Crimped hair was big in the 80’s. Nothing said you were ready to rock some moves at the roller disco more than some hair crimps. Sadly, crimps are often reserved for the fashion catwalk these days and you won’t find many people at your local shopping centres with this retro do.

    However, if you’re partial to a crimp, this subdued style is ideal. You can achieve that textured hair look in a fraction of the time.

    All you need to do is plait your hair into chunky braids. The amount that you do will depend on how thick your hair is and how loose you want the crimps.

    If you’re after rather defined waves than smaller plaits are the way to go. We recommend starting with around 4-7 around your head.

    One you’ve secured your plaits, you’ll want to grab your GHD and run it slowly over each plait a few times. The heat secures the texture you’ve weaved into your hair.

    Take the braids out and tease your hair into place using your fingers and you’ve finished!

  2. Curls, Curls, Curls


    Yes the rumours are true - you can in fact curl your hair with a hair straightener! Sounds ridiculous, but the flat iron allows you to achieve all sorts of curls depending on the technique you use.

    If you’re after classic cascading curls that look freshly tonged, then try this technique with your GHD straighteners instead.

    Take ½-1 inch section of hair at a time and place the straightener at the root of the strand. Twist 180 degrees to either the left or right (vary directions for a more tousled look) and then pull the straightener down the length of the hair.

    It may take a few trial runs to perfect this technique, but when you do you’ll be addicted!

  3. Beach Waves


    If you love that ‘fresh from the sea’ look then grab your flat iron to get beach waves from the comfort of your home.

    Beach waves differ from curls as the hair surface is rippled, rather than spiralled. So to achieve this look you need to clamp the straightener down at the root at a slight angle - either towards your head or outwards. Hold the straightener down for a few seconds and then move down the hair slightly. This time clamping in the opposite direction.

    Continue this pattern down each section of hair for that slightly wavy, beach-goddess appearance.

  4. Retro Waves


    Think 50’s hollywood siren. These retro waves ooze class and sophistication - perfect for a fancy occasion.

    Start with following the curling technique from #2. To achieve more bouncy curls, turn the straightener a full 360 degrees before pulling down the length of the hair.

    The key to this style is having a uniform curl direction to achieve that sleek style. Try turning the straighteners away from the head on each side to get that classic look.

    Once all your hair is curled take a soft bristled brush, gently working through the curls to soften and voluminous - voila!

  5.  Short-Haired Quiff


    If you were inspired by our recent blog post on Pixie Haircuts, you can still get involved with the straightener styling. We love this Pompadour hairstyle. It definitely gives off an attitude-y vibe for those days when you’re feeling sassy.

    While your hair is wet, apply mouse and shape with a hairdryer and a fine toothed comb. We recommend Parlux for the job, as their salon quality dryers are fast-working, quiet and lightweight.

    Once blow dried, take small strands of hair and clamp the GHD’s down at the root. Turning the iron 180 degrees pull it down towards the end as well as pulling away from your forehead. Finish the rest of the hair to create a tousled pulled back do!

Tender Loving Care

Your GHD takes care of your hair, therefore it’s important to show them some love back. If you show your straighteners some TLC, they’ll perform well for a long time. Here are some quick tips:

  • Always place your straighteners on a heat proof mat.
  • Store lying flat, not hanging!
  • Wipe down the plates regularly using a damp cloth or wipe.

Be religious with caring for your straighteners and they will thank you (& so will your bank account!). It’s also important to note that you should always protect your hair with a heat styling spray and only use the highest heat setting if you must..

Regular maintenance will maintain hair harmony so your GHD’s can last and style your hair damage free!

Now go forth and become the multi-tasking master of the hair straightener!

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