7 Pixie Cuts That You Can’t Miss (And How To Get Them)

Those who are brave enough to get their locks chopped are rewarded with some of the cutest, yet sassiest of pixie cuts and that is why we LOVE them!

Pixie cuts were classically known as a closely cut hair do’ rocked by those with more elfin like features. Today, however, this iconic hairstyles is broadening out into new realms. From curly crops to tousled trims, there’s a cut out there to suit you and your personality.

Popularised back in the 50’s, by the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, pixie’s have gone from strength to strength since.

One of the most iconic wearers of this do’ has got to be supermodel Twiggy, inspiring women around the globe to take a trip to the hairdressers.

We love that these confident females have paved the way for one of the world’s biggest hairstyles.

pixie cuts

The Tools For the Perfect Pixie Cut

To perfect the pixie cut it’s not as simple as just hacking away those long locks… uh huh!

If you’re not going to have much hair, then it needs to be preened to perfection and each cut counts. If you want an edgy cut, then your stylist needs to think about “choppiness” and differing snipping directions. If you want a sleek crop, then a perfectly aligned blunt cut is the way to go.

Enter Jaguar scissors. The creme de la creme of affordable styling without compromising on quality. These German manufactured tools are known for their precision and are highly touted as one of the best brands on the market - with super stylist Nicky Clarke being a fan!

A pixie cut will be a breeze for a stylist who’s got their hands on one of these bad boys!

If you want to brighten up your new pixie cut with a brand new colour look no further than Arctic Fox. Their bold colours and cruelty-free formula has made them Insta-famous. You can even dilute them if you after something a bit more subdued. Go on, we dare ya...

Our Top Pixie Looks and How to Get Them

Plaited Pixie

Who said gals with short hair can’t rock some braids? We love this look - short on the sides and rockin’ some extra length on top making cute styles like this super doable. And why stop at braids? Try space buns, or a cute ponytail or maybe even bouffant it up.

Psst..We also think diluting a little bit of Arctic Fox’s ‘Sterling’ or ‘Periwinkle’ would add an extra edge to this sassy platinum blonde colour.

Red Vixen

Credits: sheilinha.yyz

This flirty look is a surefire way to get noticed. Shorter on the sides and extra volume on top - we’re obsessed! That swept over fringe look is everything. Plus, you can play around with this cut depending on your mood that day - yessss!

Not to mention that bright red hue she’s rockin’ which you can achieve yourself with the ‘Poison’ shade of the Arctic Fox range.

Retro Pink Pixie

Credits: memadlen

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and that rule doesn’t change when it comes to pixie cuts. We are totally in love with this shortly cropped and choppy style that is giving us some serious 60’s vibes.

However, this retro look has been modernised with an unmissable splash of pink. Get this baby pink tint by diluting Arctic Fox’s ‘Virgin Pink’ hue.

Statement Style

Credits: jpbambam

WOW! That is one way to make a pixie cut standout. From the platinum silver to the huge mohican, and even those shaved in lines - we’re in love! That extra length on the top gives you some play-room, so if you’re feeling like a rocker chick one day - get spiking. Maybe you’re feeling all festival-esque next and you can still rock some mini space buns. We’re all about the versatility.

If you love this super silver sheen then Arctic Fox’s colour ‘Sterling’ after a little diluting is your match made in heaven.

Sunset Inspired Sleek

Credits: _fox_trott_

This pixie cut means business. That back fade though - we like! The carefully placed and cut edges of this cut really give it a structured shape that looks sleek.

If you like a ‘tousled but tailored’ hair look then this is definitely the chop for you. Get those sunset inspired hues by mixing two Arctic Fox colours, ‘Sunset Orange’ and ‘Poison’.

Cute ‘n’ Curly

This do’ is what curly pixie dreams are made of. We literally cannot get over how super cute this style looks - we want! If you have naturally curly hair (or maybe you’re a fan of rollers) then this is the perfect way to show off those ringlets.

You might think chopping off some length will lose your curl definition - gurllll this style proves you wrong! If anything definition is back and better than ever!

Get that jet black colour with Arctic Fox’s ‘Transylvania’ shade. If you want to get in on that navy hair trend mix in some of their dark blue shade, ‘Poseidon’.

Envious Pixie Bob

Credits: sarahxfierce

Love a pixie, love a bob, can’t decide? Why bother when you can have both? A two-in-one perhaps? Get that sleek side part, synonymous with a classic bob, but go shorter. Trust us you won’t regret it.

Whilst we LOVE how straight and shiny this do is, we think that green colour gives it a little je ne sais quoi! Make everyone envious with this dark, mysterious green shade, ‘Phantom Green’ from Arctic Fox.

Get Choppin’...

Okay, so we’re now convinced that a pixie cut is the most versatile haircut that ANYONE can rock. With a good hairdressing hand (who has a fab pair of scissors) anyone can achieve a close crop that suits their personality and face shape.

Short sides, curly crop, sleek edges…. You name it, you can have it with a pixie cut!

Plus we love how you can inject vibrancy into any pixie cut with some colour. We love Arctic Fox’s range as they celebrate all haircuts and the people sporting them, championing adventurous looks - so go for it!


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