Ardell Aqua Lashes - Is it Worth the Hype?

ardell aqua lashes

For a lot of people applying false lashes can be the bane of your existence. Just like applying eyeliner, if you don't practice it can be a long and gruelling process. The battle of getting the lashes onto your lash line before the glue gets too tacky can be so tricky that it ends up defeating you.

I for one am super sceptical of gimmicky concepts, but when Ardell came out with their Aqua Lashes I was so intrigued I just had to try it. Ardell's Magnetic False Lashes were a hit so what could go wrong?

ardell lashes

So what are Aqua Lashes?

Aqua Lashes are a new innovation from Ardell - the false lashes are lined with water activated adhesive for easy application. Fancy right?

  • The water activated adhesive is activated with a small dash of water.
  • The lashes are made from synthetic fibres and can be used multiple times.
  • Involves no extra glue for mess free application
  • Almost fool proof to use and makes lash application quick and simple.
  • Comes in 3 different lash looks with tapered tops and black band to mimic eyeliner.

ardell lashes

How to Use

1. Place lashes along you eye to measure the size, trim carefully as required.

2. Dip a small makeup brush into water. Run the brush along the lash band to activate the glue.

3. The glue will immediately become tacky, apply the lashes as desired.

4. Apply mascara to your natural lashes if needed to blend in.

5. To remove, simply peel the lashes away from your eye.

ardell lashes

My Verdict

To be honest, I wasn't expecting this process to be seamless and easy as it was. I personally don't struggle with applying regular falsies, but eliminating the glue application process would definitely make life easier for those that do struggle. 

For those new to the falsies world, these fake lashes are pretty easy to use and foolproof. They're also quite fun to play with and just seeing how the glue activates with just water is entertaining in itself.

The lash band probably isn't my most favourite, it's thicker than the regular Ardell Lashes making the lashes stiff, this is probably due to the adhesive component. The black lash band is designed to mimic eyeliner, so you do need to wear eyeliner with these lashes. I used a non-waterproof eyeliner, and there was no issues with it coming off during the process of applying the Aqua Lashes.

The Ardell Aqua Lashes 340 is my favourite design out of the Aqua Lashes range, the natural tapered lashes makes them really versatile, perfect for day to night looks. I found after removing the lashes, a lot of the glue is still in-tact so these can definitely be reused a few times.

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