Tried and Tested: The Davroe Products We Can’t Live Without

I’m a little ashamed to admit that previous to working at Beautopia HQ, haircare was always something that I didn’t think too much about and was nearly at the bottom of my self-care list.

Yes, I was always on the quest for glossy and smooth strands. But I would spend pretty much all my pay on skincare not haircare, and would be quite content to buy whatever shampoo and conditioner was on special at Woolies or Coles.

Fast forward 5 months, being surrounded by the best names in haircare and being bombarded about all things hair on the daily, I had no choice but to make the switch, and I am oh so glad that I did.

The first brand I got my hands on was Davroe, which for me pretty much ticked all the necessary boxes on what makes a pretty good hair care brand:

  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly
  • Australian made and owned
  • Sulphate and paraben free – great for sensitive scalps
  • The natural formulas are enriched with plant and flower extracts 

So, we asked our Beauty Edit Team to share the Davroe products that make up their haircare regime and why they can't live without them.

1. Davroe Smooth Senses Anti Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner

Davroe Smooth Senses Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

 Why we love it: 

"Being a frizzy hair gal who hates humidity with a passion and very much favours straight strands, I made a beeline for their Smooth Senses Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. This ranges helps to reduce frizz and prevent fly-aways, provides much-needed moisture and protection from heat styling."

"After nearly 3 months of use, I can safely say I will NEVER not use this this duo. Not only does it keep my frizzy strands calm and under control, it smells fantastic and is not heavy or greasy - meaning my hair stays fresh for at least 3 days after washing. The real test though, Sydney humidity and boy does this pass the test with flying colours. I can now brave the humidity and summer rain without fearing my freshly straightened strands will revert back to their wavy, frizzy state. And that, is enough reason for me to convert."

Davroe Smooth Senses Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner 325ml

This moisture rich and balancing shampoo with blueberry is formulated to soften, smooth, and add luminous shine to normal and dry hair.


2. Davroe Repair Senses Revitalising Shampoo

davroe revitalise shampoo

Why we love it:

"I'm constantly searching for the best shampoo to suit both my hair and scalp needs (2 years ago I started to develop dandruff and it's been a battle ever since...) oily scalp, flaky scalp, dry, frizzy hair, you name it! I've struggled (and am still struggling) with it all. And just to throw a spanner into the works, 3 months ago I decided to chemically straighten my hair! After some research, I knew Davroe Repair Senses Revitalising Shampoo would be my destined saviour."

"I can happily say, it's a match made in heaven! I have been using this shampoo for a couple months now and I saw the results immediately. The Colour Protect Complex and Sulphate Free formula is ideal for chemically treated and damaged hair. This gentle shampoo won't strip your natural oils but will make sure all impurities are removed, while the rice and quinoa proteins restore strength. When using this shampoo, I never have to drown my hair in conditioner for it to feel soft and smooth."

Davroe Repair Senses Revitalizing Shampoo 325ml

A mild everyday shampoo with hibiscus for normal and coloured hair. Contains our unique Colour Protect Complex; formulated with pure plant extracts, including Kakadu Plum and Olive leaf to help extend the life of your colour. Rice and Quinoa proteins assist in strengthening and protecting the hair.


3. Davroe Smoothing Balm

 Why we love it:

"To take my new routine up a notch, I have added in the Davroe Smoothing Balm. And just as the name suggests, it keeps things really nice and smooth. This lightweight styling crème is the icing on the cake to eliminate frizz and repel unwanted moisture. I recently went away for a girl’s weekend and forgot this balm behind, let’s just say, it will never happen again - this may be the best anti-frizz product I have used! It feels lovely to apply, has a gorgeous scent and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind, a trait I find quite common with styling creams and balms."

Davroe Smoothing Balm 150ml

Infused with Abyssinian Oil and Quinoa protein, it tames flyaways by removing frizz. Creates a super smooth hold and super shine. Humidity resistant.


4. Davroe Shine Fluid

Davroe Shine Fluid

Why we love it:

"I have always been a hair serum or oil devotee, after straightening I feel adding just that extra something really helps to finish off my look. I did worry though that a Balm and this Fluid would be way too much for hair, but being quite weightless, there is zero build up or unwanted weight or grease left behind. Infused with Camelia Oil, this polishing fluid smooths any remaining frizz, leaving my hair feeling silky soft and just that little bit extra fancy."

Davroe Shine Fluid 75ml

A high gloss serum for all hair types. Davroe Styling Shine Fluid also offers thermal protection against heat styling tools.


5. Davroe Thermaprotect

Davroe Thermaprotect

Why we love it:

"Not going to lie, I am guilty of never using heat protection spray. It's one of those products you think you don't need so why waste money on it right? But after putting so much effort into my haircare regime, why wouldn't I want to protect my hair from UV & thermal damage? I decided to give Davroe's Thermaprotect a go since I'm always curling the ends of my hair and let's be real, no one likes the look of fried ends."

"I am in love! I have found my new hair bestie. The lightweight formula doesn't weigh down your hair and absorbs quickly, leaving no yucky residue. I can confidently say I have felt and seen a difference in my hair since using the Davroe Thermaprotect before heat styling. My ends don't feel damaged and my hair has a lovely shine." 

Davroe Thermaprotect 200ml

Formulate to protect the hair from the damaging effects of heat styling tools This lightweight spray delivers a long lasting, natural hold and leaves hair smooth and shiny.


Overall Verdict

All-in-all, I can safely say I will never return to the haircare aisle at the supermarket. If you have similar hair concerns and troubles, I would highly recommend giving these Davroe products a go. If you are a Sydney-sider and hate frizz with a passion, these products might just become your new holy grails. But if you have other hair needs, they also have a range of scalp products, styling products and hydration shampoos and conditioners.

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