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Breathe life into damaged hair with Jeval

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This month, we chat to @_hanbam  and @habitsofhayleigh about a range of Jeval Products in their new haircare routine! 
Jeval Marshmallow Reconstruction Mousse

Hannah applies it to damp hair, post wash and it leaves her bleached hair feeling soft and looking super shiny. 
"It seriously has worked wonders for my bleached/coloured hair!!" 
Jeval Marshmallow Mousse

All About The Curls. @habitsofhayleigh showing us how to rock AMAZING natural curls using the Jeval Curl Enhancing Cream. @jevalaus

👩🏼‍🦱This blend of macadamia oil, vegetable proteins and chia seed oil, means frizz free, shiny and bouncy curls. What more could a curl ask for?
Habits Of Hayleigh

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