Calling All Blondes! A New Icy Treat Has Arrived!

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Jeval Icy Treat - Calling All Blondes

To all the blondes out there this one's for you! We've got a NEW Icy Treat from Jeval!

Born in Italy & Raised in Australia, Jeval is a cult favourite amongst hair professionals worldwide, transforming all hair types to be healthier and shinier.

So You're Probably Wondering What is Jeval Icy Treat?

Just like the best-selling Jeval Marshmallow, Jeval Icy Treat is a cool-toned leave-in reconstructor mousse that instantly tones blonde, pre-lightened and natural grey hair. 

What's So Special About It?

Not only does Icy Treat tone hair with blue/violet pigments, the Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 formula help strengthen and reconstruct hair. And even better it's a leave-in treatment! Meaning you can easily apply it to your hair without having to wash it out.

Sounds too good to be true right?

We thought the same too! The best haircare properties has been infused into the formula to create this wonder treatment. It's like hair magic in a bottle.

jeval icy treat

What is Vitamin E?

One of the main reasons why Jeval Icy Treat Reconstructor Mousse is so effective is because of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E creates a protective barrier on the skin's surface making this an important ingredient to have in haircare as it supports a healthy scalp.

When over-processed and damaged hair cuticles lose its protective fat layer, Vitamin E can help replace that layer and bring back shine in hair.

What is Pro-Vitamin B5

Pro Vitamin B5, otherwise known as D-Panthenol is a Humectant that increases the water content of hair and improves elasticity. It's a beneficial ingredient in haircare and hair treatments for its ability to bind hair follicles and seal in moisture. This is important for dry hair as it builds a thin layer of moisture without creating greasiness.

Jeval Icy Treat Reconstructor Mousse

How to Use Jeval Icy Treat

Now you're educated on the hair transforming capabilities of Jeval Icy Treat you're probably wondering how to incorporate it into your haircare routine.

  • Can Be Used Daily
    The gentle formulation with added Vitamin E & Pro Vitamin B5 means Jeval Icy Treat is safe to be used on blonde hair daily without causing any damage.
  • Shake & Dispense
    This leave-in treatment is designed to be easy to use with no frills! Simply shake the bottle, hold upside down and dispense into your palm.

  • 3 Ways to Use
    Leave-in Cool Toning Reconstructing Treatment:
    massage a marshmallow sized dollop on clean, towel dried hair.

    Porosity Equaliser: use on dry or damp hair before toning. Apply 5ml (approx. 2 marshmallows) then proceed with toning service.

    Mixed with Permanent Blonde Colours: Icy Treat will increase the volume of product and add cool tones, strength and shine to hair. Follow colour instructions then add 5ml (approx. 2 marshmallows) mix with the colour and apply evenly to hair. Process as per colour directions and rinse off.

The Benefits Keep Coming...

  • Paraben Free
    Hormone disruptive ingredients like Parabens are a thing of the past. Icy Treat is formulated with you in mind, so you can use the product with ease of mind.

  • Affordable
    Good hair treatments and toners often comes with a price. Jeval have made a multi-use 2 in 1 product that delivers results without hurting your wallet.

  • Suitable for All Hair Types
    Not joking! This leave-in blonde toning treatment is suitable for even the most damaged hair to the healthiest. We love products that are accessible to all.

  • Born in Italy, Raised in Australia
    We love supporting local! Jeval products are designed in Sydney, Australia and produced by hair experts in Italy.

We think it's time you got your hands on Jeval's Icy Treat! If you're after a fool proof blonde toning treatment for all hair types, we've got you covered!

Want to see what else Jeval has to offer? Checkout the entire Jeval Haircare range.

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