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Just Your Type: Simple Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types & Concerns

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Ever wonder why you can't get your curls to de-frizz? Or no matter how many times you add dry shampoo to your hair it's still limp? Sometimes hair has limitations, but that doesn't mean you can't work around them. We've got some tips and hardworking hair heroes for all hair types and concerns that will leave you with your best hair yet.

Tips to Care for Your Hair Type & Concerns

Before even getting into styling, you want to make sure you're caring for your hair the best way for your hair type. Caring for your hair isn't as simple as applying just shampoo and conditioner. There is a variety of different types to choose from for different hair concerns. What works for fine straight hair may not work for dry curly hair, even styling products such as heat protectors, hair oils and creams work differently in different hair types.

So What's Best for Your Type?

Fine Hair

Keep it Clean! People with fine hair tend to find they have hair that gets greasy quite easily. So they tend to wash more regularly and use dry shampoo in between washes. For fine hair less is more, you want to choose products that will avoid weighing your hair down making it look limp.

Recomendation: Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner is your best friend. They will aid your hair in getting a little more life. You'll also want to invest in a good dry shampoo to spritz on your roots after blow drying your hair to soak up excess oil. If you're after a little more texture, go for a texturising spray and apply it from the roots to your tips. 

Our Top Picks for Fine Hair

jeval hello volume fine hair shampoo

Jeval Hello Volume Shampoo


jeval hello volume fine hair conditioner

Jeval Hello Volume Conditioner


davroe body texture volume

Davroe Body Volume Texture



Dry & Damaged Hair

Deep condition. Dry and damaged hair needs all the love it can get. Hair tends to become overly dry when it is over-washed and damaged from over-processing. For dry and damaged hair you want to choose products that are gentle and hydrating.

Recommendation: A gentle shampoo and deep conditioning treatment will be your go to to help rebuild and strengthen those weak locks. If you need a little more moisture after washing your hair, go for a lightweight hair oil to add more life to your hair. You want to avoid heat styling as this will cause further damage and use a microfibre towel to dry hair.

Our Top Picks for Dry & Damaged Hair

Joico K-Pak Reconstructing Shampoo

Joco K-Pak Recontructing Conditioner

Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Treatment


Coloured Hair

Prolong Hair Colour. Don't spend all that money only for it to go down the drain! The most important part for long lasting hair colour is having the right haircare routine to go with it. Unfortunately, all the harsh chemicals in many shampoos and conditioners cause hair colour to fade.

Recommendation: A gentle shampoo and colour fade protecting conditioner is a must have! You want to go for a colour care shampoo and conditioner that will not only prevent premature fading but to also protect and smoothen your strands as they have just undergone chemical treatment.

Our Top Picks for Colour Treated Hair

Jeval Don't Go Changing Colour Care Shampoo

Jeval Don't Go Changing Colour Care Conditioner

Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Vibrancy Spray Conditioner

Shop Colour Care


Curly Hair

Moisture is everything you need! Let's be real, nobody likes frizz. But unfortunately, with curly and kinky hair it's inevitable and a constant daily battle. The key to taming that frizzy wild hair is moisture! You want to choose the right products that'll lock moisture in your hair to keep your strands hydrated. Picking the right shampoo and conditioner will do just that for you, then pair it with the right mousse, oil or curl cream to shape and define your perfect curls.

Recommendation: Start your haircare routine with a gentle moisturising shampoo so you don't strip your hairs natural oils, then follow with a deep conditioner and hair mask. For frizzy/ curly hair, hair masks should be used every time you wash your hair. After your shower routine, apply a mix of hair oil and hair cream in your hair while damp to lock in moisture. Towel drying and air drying is your go to, avoid using blow-dryers as this can further dry out your locks. For styling go for a lightweight pomade to define those curls.

Our Top Picks for Curly Hair  

Joico Moisture Recovery Moisturising Shampoo

Clever Curl Wonderfoam


Jeval Curl Me Crazy Curl Enhancing Cream

Scalp Care

Sometimes our scalp is like the forgotten child. We take it for granted and only focus on choosing products that'll benefit our hair. But for many, scalp care takes a big role in our haircare routine. The constant need to scratch, being unable to wear black with the fear of dandruff showing on clothing and those strange bumps appearing can be scary.

Recommendation: Sometimes relieving your scalp is as simple as swapping to a gentle shampoo and reducing the amount of heat styling you do to your hair. You may also want to wash less often as you don't want to strip your natural oils and avoid over scrubbing your hair as this can do more damage than good. Using a scalp scrub will also benefit your scalp by dilating the blood vessels under your skin to promote hair growth whilst removing dead skin cells.

Our Top Picks for Scalp Care


Matrix Biolage Scalp Sync Shampoo

Davroe Scalp Remedy Conditioner

Davroe Scalp Remedy Lotion Spray

In the end, your hair is unique to only you and with a little bit of time spent getting to know your hair and with some TLC your locks will be looking the best they ever have. These simple haircare tips will help you keep you and your hair looking their best. Sometimes, you may need to add extra styling products into your lineup as every day is not the same. Take a look at our range of haircare heroes to find your best match.

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