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You may recall that I last month talked about an online beauty store called Beautopia Hair & Beauty, which is an Australian company selling a large range of premium hair and beauty products, both online, and through their stores.
Last month I was so lucky to be offered to try some of the products from Pixi Beauty, which, if you missed it, you can read more about here. This month, I am putting some haircare products to the test, which I am so super excited about as my hair really seems to be struggling a little this summer.
Beautopia Hair & Beauty stocks a large range of haircare products, and I’ve put the following to the test;
  • L’Oreal Professional Color A-OX Color Radiance Protection + Perfection Jelly Mask 
  • davroe Hair & Wellness Luxe Leave-In Masque
  • davroe Lemongrass Detangler
  • De Lorenzo Et Absorb Dry Shampoo
The L’Oreal Profesional Color A-OX Color Radiance Protection + Perfection Jelly Mask is designed for coloured, weak and dry hair, so it is absolutely perfect for my stressed out, dry, long and coloured hair. The mask is an intensely nourishing mask that works by wrapping the hair fibres with a lightweight film to help protect against every day wear and tear. I admit that I often haven’t got time for those hair masks that need to be left in the hair for a long time, so I really love the this one as it works, in just 1 minute. The light jelly-cream absorbs into my hair quickly, and is easy to rinse out again, without leaving the hair feeling sticky. It has done absolute wonders for my hair, immediately leaving it feeling so much softer smoother, and shiny too, all without weighing it down. I don’t ever want to be without it again! 
Although I always use conditioner or a hair mask when I wash my hair, however I feel it needs the extra moisture of a leave-in treatment and I’ve been enjoying the Davroe Hair & Wellness Luxe Leave-In Masque. This sulphate and paragon free, vegan friendly Leave-In Masque is made using natural pure plant and flower extracts. It helps by adding intense moisture to the hair, while also offering UV protection, guarding against colour fade too. 
Often Leave-Ins can only be used in damp hair, but this one can be used in both wet and dry hair, which I find really helpful. It Is quite concentrated and absorbs quickly and easily, without making the hair feeling tacky or weighing it down. Once dry, my hair is left looking and feeling soft and smooth and generally healthier, this makes it easier to control as flyaways as is appearing to reduced hair breakage. You'll just love the fresh fruity mango scent, that continues to linger in the hair.

Then there’s the Davroe Lemongrass Detangler, which contains lemongrass, jasmine and aloe. It helps to add moisture to the hair, detangle the hair, protect coloured hair to last longer and control over-active oil grands on the scalp, whilst adding shine to the hair. 
The Detangler can be used on both wet and dry hair, which again I find very  helpful with day to day life as I don’t was my hair everyday, but it still gets tangled on non-wash days, so this spray is just perfect for adding a little extra moisture and care. The spray is easy to use and a little goes a long way, (also the added passionflower and Ylang Ylang leaves the hair smelling gorgeous).

Finally, on my non-wash days, I’ve been loving the De Lorenzo Et Absorb Dry Shampoo. This Dry Shampoo contains Organic Rosehip, Bamboo and Rice Extracts as its key ingredients and is designed to clean the hair by absorbing and controlling excess oil from the roots of the hair, to leaving the hair feeling cleaner and fresher. I love that it, (unlike many other dry shampoos) doesn’t have any particular scent, but is rather neutral scent, that it doesn’t leave my hair with that dreaded white powdery look. With just a few sprays of this dry shampoo within large section of my hair in the roots, I can easily go another day or two before washing my hair. I love how It also adds some much the needed volume to my long and heavy flat hair. 
L’Oreal Profesional Color A-OX Color Radiance Protection + Perfection Jelly Mask - RRP: $34 / 200ml - currently on sale for $31.95
Davroe Hair & Wellness Luxe Leave-In Masque - $21.95 / 200ml
Davroe Lemongrass Detangler - RRP: $22.95 / 300ml
De Lorenzo Et Absorb Dry Shampoo - RRP: $15.95 /100g

Available from Beautopia Hair & Beauty

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