The 5-Step Guide To Prepare For Your High School Formal

Thinking about formal already?

We get you. From choosing the perfect dress to planning your hairstyle for the night, there's so much to do!

This is probably the most important event of not only Year 12, but quite possibly your whole high school calendar.

But, hey, there’s not need to worry with our super easy to follow 5-step guide for preparing for your high school formal...

1. The Dress

Okay, let’s start with arguably the most important step… the dress!

It’s the perfect opportunity to wear a statement piece that perfectly reflects your personality. Whether you’re a princess at heart or prefer something a little more boho chic, the right dress is out there waiting for you.

Start looking a few months in advance to get an idea of styles and prices. Try to visit a few boutiques to have some try on sessions too, as dresses can often look completely different when you try it on, than what you had in mind. Plus it’s great to get an idea of sizing at this stage.

We know how costly the dress of your dreams can be, so if your budget is tight try hire sites such as Glam Cornerto help you skimp on cost rather than style.

2. The Skin

Pimples you are not welcome to the high school formal, thank you very much!

To avoid those dreaded breakouts, make sure to get into good skincare habits well in advance to ensure your face is glowing and radiant on the big day. Also book any waxing and threading with enough time to spare so you’re skin isn’t red, blotchy and inflamed on formal night.

When it comes to your all over body glow-up, skip the sun damage and get in the spray booth. Book at least a few weeks ahead to get the perfect appointment slot so your spray tan looks it’s best during your formal. We recommend either early the day before or two days ahead.

However, with MineTan 1 hour solution means any of you less organised formal-ers are still good to go!

With formulations for every skin type and tone, MineTan can give you a sun-kissed shine without looking cakey or patchy.

If you’re worried about looking like an orangutan, MineTan leaves you bronzed, not orange. So if you are after the perfect tan, look for salons that stock this tan-tastic range!

white skin

3. The Nails

If there was ever an excuse to go all out with your nails, then your high school formal is the perfect one.

Book in advance if you’re planning to get treated to a salon manicure. If you’re more of a DIY kind of gal, then make sure to leave enough time to carefully shape and polish those claws!

Bold nails not your thing? A simple french manicure or even a quick tidy up of the nails with a clear coat can do wonders. Your nails will look super healthy and will be on par with the rest of your look!

False nails are also a great choice if you don’t have much of a natural nail to work with, or perhaps painting your nails is not your strong point.

Plus, fake nails comes in all shapes, sizes and designs so you’re bound to find the right ones for you!


4. The Hair

If you’re looking for a quick change to make a statement at your formal, go for clip in hair extensions. You can easily apply at home or can ask a salon to cut to suit your hair and apply for you. Plus, you’ve got them for keeps and can wear them for all those other fancy occasions you have coming up after HSC!

We love the Grace clip-ins as they’re made from 100% remy hair - which is the best trust us! They are super good quality, won’t tangle and are crazy easy to place in your hair. Plus, they’ll give you that princess-esque vibe if you wear your hair down and wavy - dreamy!

hair extensions

Maybe your formal is the perfect excuse for a long awaited hair change. Just make sure to book in advance and maybe even go for a practice run, if an updo or particular style is what you’re after. Perhaps a new hair colour, or a bit of balayage takes your fancy as this salon offers.

Whatever you decide, make sure you feel confident and secure in your formal do!

5. The Makeup

We’ve reached the final!

To ensure you look radiant, either have a run through with your makeup artist or your own routine in advance. It’s important to do this to test out the look and timing as well as ensuring the products you use agree with your skin.

Pick products that offer the coverage you want and make you feel confident. If you’re not a heavy makeup wearer, a full coverage foundation will make you feel uncomfortable, so don’t stray too far from the norm.

A step not to miss though is lashes!

A good lash will make you stand out, that’s for sure! We love Ardell’s magnetic lashes! They’re the perfect way to make your eyes pop without the need for tricky application. Plus you don’t need to cart around your lash glue for emergency lash fixing mid-formal.

All you need to do is apply one strip above and one below your natural lashes and let science do its thing. The magnets will attract and your lashes are in place - ta da!

No tantrums, tears or accidentally stabbing yourself in the eye - it really is that simple!


It’s Formal Time

You’ve made it - with glowing skin and lashes to the heavens looking super glamourous and ready to party!

Now remember...have fun you only have your year 12 formal once - woohoo!

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