Glitter Beards: How To Get Your Facial Fuzz to Sparkle

Feeling fancy? Need a way to creatively express yourself?

Get yourself a glitter beard!

A glitter beard? we hear you say! What the…

With an unbelievably high uptake amongst bearded hipsters in more recent years, glitter beards are here to stay. Yes, they might seem a novelty idea for the festive season, but there are so many other perfect occasions to add some sparkle to your beard. Think festivals, parties, fancy dress, going to the supermarket…

We LOVE a glitter beard. It’s a brilliant way to showcase your personality, have a little fun and show that you don’t take life too seriously!


glitter beards


Get Glitter Ready

So, you’re ready to sport a fine looking glitter beard, but HOLD UP!

You can’t just go rushing into these things without a little prep work. Luckily, we’ve got a few simple steps and some top notch products to get you glitter ready.

Firstly, you want to shape your beard - work with what your mama gave you! Whether you have a mighty bush of a beard, or a more modest speckling of hair, grooming is key - and a good trim can make the world of difference.

With the Wahl Bella Cordless Professional Hair Trimmer you can de-fuzz those unruly and stray hairs and define the shape of that facial fuzz. What happens if your bathroom is plugless but the best place with natural light? No worries… it’s cordless - we love it!

Wahl Bella Cordless Professional Hair Trimmer bella cordless

To keep your beard in line whilst shaving, a good comb is a vital tool! Krest’s Goldilocks Tapered Barber Comb is ideal for a variety of beard lengths and thicknesses - plus you can use it to style your hair too. It’s hard wearing, heat and chemical resistant and it certainly won’t break the bank.


It’s time to get washing! A clean beard is key to allowing the glitter to shine at its best!

If you’re going to be sporting a bushy beard then amp up the volume even more. We love Schwarzkopf’s Volume Boost Shampoo to add extra oomph to those facial hairs! The added bamboo life complex boosts the volume of even the finest of hairs and leaves a squeaky clean, shiny finish!

For those of you with more demure, sleek and streamlined beard we know you’ll love Schwarzkopf’s Smooth Shine Shampoo. This formula will tame even the most stubborn of hairs leaving a slick and shiny finish.

Then, no matter what your beard type, finish off with Schwarzkopf’s Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner. This unique spray formulation makes finishing off your beard washing routine super easy and fuss-free - leaving your facial hair super hydrated and healthy!


Even if you have little or no beard, prep the skin with a good facial serum to get ready for glitter application. Not only will the Natural Look Bioactive Serum leave your skin tightened and ready to sparkle, but it also fights the signs of aging - bonus!

bioactive serum


Get Your Glitz On

We love ALL glitter beards, so we’ve rounded up some brilliant looks - and how to achieve them - for all shapes and sizes. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you make of it…


For Bushy Boys


If you’ve got a big beard and you ain’t afraid to show it then you simply MUST cover all of it in glitter NOW!

To get this look you need to first apply a generous amount of beard oil. This will act as the ‘glue’ so the glitter is able to stick. Our favourite is this super affordable Wahl Traditional Barbers Beard Oil. Packed full of natural oils this will help to hydrate your hairs and skin, as well as holding that glitter in place!

Wahl Traditional Barbers Beard Oil


Once you’ve oiled up, spray all your hairs with this Tattoo Spray in the colour Spectral Golden. This will add more colour to your beard and make the glitter stand out even more. Plus it’s non-toxic and temporary, so they’re completely safe to use and will wash out!

With your neck stuck out, it’s time to carefully tip the glitter (psst.. we like this one!) over the beard to get it to stick. Try to catch any fall-out to sprinkle over again (or save for next time). It’s probably a good idea to wear a cape or a t-shirt that could probably do with some glitzing!

Set all that good stuff in place with Schwarzkopf’s Osis Session which is the ultimate extreme hold hairspray and adds an additional (and most welcome) shininess to your masterpiece!

For Close-Shaven Guys

Hey, just because your beard is kept short, doesn’t mean it has to be subtle - throw some glitter on it!

Again, you’ll want to start with Wahl’s Traditional Barbers Beard Oil to act as the adhesive first off. Then for the silver look spray your beard area with Tattoo Spray in Midnight Silver.


Tattoo Spray in Midnight Silver


Now you’ll want to apply the glitter a little more carefully than those with more voluminous beards. Take an Eyeshadow Sponge Applicator (these are ideally precise for packing on the sparkles) and dip it into the pot of glitter - we think these silver sparkles are perfect. Then dab the glitter into place over the beard hairs.

Set that all in place with a generous spray of Schwarzkopf’s Osis Session extreme hold hairspray - voila!

(Note: You may need to dampen the sponge tip of the applicator to be able to get the glitter out of the pot)


For Beard-Less Lads

themakeupwardrobeCredits: @themakeupwardrobe


Struggling to grow a beard? Luckily the glitter beard trend doesn’t require actual facial hairs to still look awesome!

To adorn your face with sparkles, sans beard, you’ll need to start by applying glue stick glue to the fake beard area. We recommend you use these non-toxic ones from Amazon which are super duper value.

Then you want to spray the area, more carefully this time, with Tattoo Spray in the shade Passionate Kiss Red. Once you’re happy with your shape and colour coverage it’s time to grab those Eyeshadow Sponge Applicatorsand this fabulous pot of fine red glitter and get to dabbing!

Seal it all in with some spritzes of Schwarzkopf’s Osis Session extreme hold hairspray and go and show off your sparkle!


Dazzle on Up

Why stop there, try these looks too...

Get your brows in on the action by using either beard oil or non-toxic glue stick glue as the adhesive depending on how bushy your brows are, then add your glitter of choice!

Credits: @andpause


Mardi Gras eat your heart out! Get your beard festival ready with some mixed sized chunky glitter!

bearded manCredits: @bearded_banterer


Get extremely festive! Why stop at glitter. If you’re feeling some beard decoration, don some baubles on that hairy goodness and give everyone a laugh!

Credits: Beard Baubles

Sparkle On



Go forth, exude confidence and sport your very own glitter beard. Whether you prefer a classic one colour show or a full on rainbow of glitter, it doesn’t matter - there are no rules!

With the right products (like the ones we mentioned in this article) and patience, you can create something that is truly Insta-Worthy!

Make sure to tag us in your glitter beard creations on Instagram (@beautopia_australia)!

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