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Liven Up Your Colour

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No time to sit for hours in the salon touching up your colour? Stuck in Lockdown and tired of looking at your faded, dull hair colour?

We’ve been reviewing the latest colour clenditioners, shampoos, toners and more to give your faded, outgrown hair a little lift. Say goodbye to Lockdown Locks.

Here are our top products for adding life back in to your hair colour.

BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN - and possibly more hair maintenance. So the question is can I tone at home?

Our answer: YES, kind of. 

With Keracolour Clenditioner - Go from Brassy to Bombshell Blonde.


Did you know the Clenditioner is a 2 in 1 product? Keracolour clenditioner is a shampoo and conditioner in one. Foam is not your friend, this unique non lather formula will remove dirt, built up sebum and deposit colour.

You can use on wet or dry hair. Leave on the hair for 20-25 minutes for a total hair transformation. Results may vary on individual hair types.


Maintain your warmth, rich chocolate hues and say goodbye to Orange tones with Fudge Blue Shampoo. How does it work? Blue is the opposite of orange on the colour wheel, so a blue shampoo will cut through the brassiness in lightened brunette hair and restore it to a cool or neutral tone.


Massage this through the hair from roots to tips and wash out thoroughly.⁣
Remember those GLOVES when applying. This formula is a strong one.⁣

COLOUR YOUR WORLD - Deep Reds & Burgundy colours are trending this season and Keracolor is the easiest at home solution to trial the trend!

A helpful guide to what to expect for your before and after:

What if I'm brunette? These intense hues will work on you! Use 2-3 times as colour is deposited with every wash. Individual results may vary.


The Jeval Charcoal Treatment will deep cleanse and bring your hair back to life. 

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